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Patient survey and results

Each Year the Practice completes an NHS Return  to inform the NHS how they work with their PPG. This report includes information on how we find representatives for our patient group, how we recieve feedback from our patients  on what they think about  the services available, and what areas could be improved and what additional services would be beneficial. What areas have we been working on as a priority for our population.

Local Patient Participation Group  Report 2014/15  PPG DES Standard Reporting Template 2014-15 L85013 Quantock Medical Centre 24 3 2015     PPG signed front page of ES Return 2015

Patient Survey 2013/14: Patient Survey questionnaire 2013 , LOCAL-PATIENT-PARTICIPATION-REPORT-2013-1

Patient Survey 2012/13:  survey 2012 13 , patient participation group questionnaire 2012
National Patient Survey Results for 2012 National-patient-survey-2012

Patient Survey 2011/13: Local_Patient_Participati~rt_Quantock+Medical+Centre_12-08-11[v3]

National Patient Surveys

Each year the the Quantock Medical Centre takes part in a national patient survey, where patients are randomly selected to be sent a questionnaire to complete on the Medical Centre including issues such as cleanliness, nursing and doctors care, satisfaction with services offered. Please see attached the results from the 2010 and 2011 surveys.

National QOF Survey comparison 2011 and 2010


Minutes of PPG Meetings

Please open links below for copies of minutes from previous group meetings:
PPG Minutes 4 October 2017
PPG Minutes 7 June 2017
PPG Minutes 8 March 2017
PPG Minutes 7 December 2016
PPG Minutes 8 September 2016
PPG Minutes 1 March 2016
PPG Minutes 8 June 2016
2015: PPG Minutes 27 January 2015 PPG Minutes 24 March 2015 PPG Minutes 23 June 2015 PPG Minutes 29 Sept 2015

2014: Minutes of Meeting 28th January 2014  PPG Minutes 25 March 2014 PPG Minutes 20 May 2014 Minutes July 2014
PPG Minutes 30 September 2014 PPG Minutes 2 December 2014

2013: Minutes_Dec_3_2013,  PPG Minutes 30 April 2013 meeting

Patient News Letters

Please open links to our Patient News Letters, hard copies are available in the Practice:

Spring 2014v2   winter_2013 14    summer 2013